More Books!

One might make the claim that I am not in a position to be fully impartial when it comes to the works of Traci Tyne Hilton. After all, I am her cover designer, so I have a vested interest in making sure her books sell. More to the point, I am also her brother.

However, when I tell you that her latest book, Good, Clean, Murder: A Plain Jane Mystery, is really good, it’s not just me saying that. Jane Adler’s first adventure won the Mystery/Suspense category at the 2012 Phoenix Rattler contest for unpublished authors.

As an aside, 2012 was the last year that self-published ebook authors are eligible for this award. Apparently, there are too many quality books coming out from this nontraditional route nowadays. But I digress.

Good, Clean, Murder by Traci Tyne Hilton Coming Soon!

Living on her own for her first time, Bible school student Jane cleans houses to make ends meet. But being independent brings big trials, like falling for a handsome professor, dealing with an obnoxious roommate, and then there’s the dead bodies…

Who knew being housekeeper to wealthy owners of a Roly Burger franchise would mean sweeping up clues to their death, while ministering to the needs of their heirs?

This is one big mess that Jane is intent on cleaning up before things get even worse.

Suspense, drama, Portlandia-style nonsense, and a collection of characters that are flawed in very different ways. Face it, true believers, this one has it all!

Except superheroes. That’s more my thing.