A Peek Behind the Curtain

This is something I’ve wanted to do periodically, provide a bit of running commentary on a just-completed week over at TRU-Life Adventures.

Most of this week was spent with Bob on his own in the storeroom, with nobody to cover his lunch. Not a new idea, but this week was the first time it’s been mentioned as happening outside the confines of an incredible simulation.

It’s not one of those things I made up.

Back when I was at the toy store, it was fairly common during the slowest days of the slowest months to run with a skeleton crew. Which meant only one person available to bring Big Ticket merchandise out to waiting customers. And that happened to be often enough to remember it even now, over a decade later.

Not bitter, seriously.

See, unlike what happens to Bob, the various management teams were really good about making sure backup was available for breaks or the slim chance things got busy. Including coming back and helping out, if necessary. There’s a reason I’ve tried to make even Kendall a sympathetic character.

Besides, being the only person back there also meant I wasn’t being subjected to cries of “Hey, Good Buddy!” Just sayin’.