Clark Kent, intrepid blogger?

I may have said this before, but my days of weekly trips to the local comic shop are long behind me, and so it is that I didn’t find out about Superman’s new civilian job (spoilers: Superman is Clark Kent) until I read about it as Transforming Seminarian

Mark makes the point that DC has periodically tried (and failed) get Kent off the newspaper beat since they tried making him a TV anchor back in the seventies (for context, this was also an era when Batman moved out of stately Wayne Manor into a downtown penthouse–I think there was something in the water that made silly ideas make sense). I clearly remember a time in the nineties when Luthor bought the Daily Planet, shut it down, and moved everyone except Clark over to his cable news network. That was undone, and I’m sure this blogging thing will be undone at some point, too. Probably in time for the next movie.

How would I handle the seemingly-inevitable death of the newspaper?

The first step is to recognize that using Clark Kent the reporter to find things for Superman to do has worked as a storytelling gimmick for decades, and while the context of his reporting may change, there’s no reason to think that shouldn’t continue. The key is in making sure that Kent is given enough unsupervised working time that he can go be Superman without people wondering where he is. Turn the Planet into a cable news channel, but make him a grunt who goes out to find the stories that other people go on TV to talk about. And let him write stories for the channel’s associated website, so people know who he is.

Really, was that so hard?